Dennie van Dolder

Assistant Professor of Finance - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Selected Publications

(2017) The Wisdom of the Inner Crowd in Three Large Natural Experiments (with Martijn van den Assem)
Nature Human Behaviour, forthcoming
(2016) Risky Choice in the Limelight (with Guido Baltussen and Martijn van den Assem)
Review of Economics and Statistics, 98(2): 318-332
(2016) Number Preferences in Lotteries (with Tong Wang, Rogier Potter van Loon, and Martijn van den Assem)
Judgment and Decision Making, 11(3): 243-259
(2016) Measuring Loss Aversion under Ambiguity: A Method to Make Prospect Theory Completely Observable (with Mohammed Abdellaoui, Han Bleichrodt, and Olivier l'Haridon)
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52(1): 1-20
(2015) Standing United or Falling Divided? High Stakes Bargaining in a TV Game Show (with Martijn van den Assem, Colin Camerer, and Richard Thaler)
American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, 105(5): 402-407
(2013) On the Social Nature of Eyes: The Effect of Social Cues in Interaction and Individual Choice Tasks (with: Aurélien Baillon and Asli Selim)
Evolution and Human Behavior, 34(2): 146–154
(2012) Split or Steal? Cooperative Behavior When the Stakes Are Large (with Martijn van den Assem and Richard Thaler)
Management Science, 58(1): 2-20

Other Publications

(2017) The Evil Eye: Eye Gaze and Competitiveness in Social Decision Making (with Mauro Giacomantonio, Jennifer Jordan, Francesca Federico, and Martijn van den Assem)
European Journal of Social Psychology, forthcoming
(2017) Comparing Uncertainty Aversion towards Different Sources (with Aurélien Baillon and Ning Liu)
Theory and Decision, 83(1): 1-18
(2015) Beyond Chance? The Persistence of Performance in Online Poker (with Rogier Potter van Loon and Martijn van den Assem)
PLoS ONE, 10(3): e0115479
(2014) Individual Choices in Dynamic Networks: An Experiment on Social Preferences (with Vincent Buskens)
PLoS ONE, 9(4): e92276
(2012) Coöperatie in Spelshows [translation: Cooperation in Game Shows] (with Martijn van den Assem)
Samenwerking in Sociale Dilemma's; Voorbeelden van Nederlands Onderzoek, eds. Vincent Buskens and Ineke Maas, Amsterdam University Press, 209-234
(2009) Social Motives in Network Formation: An Experimental Study (with Vincent Buskens)
Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Game Theory for Networks (GameNets 2009): 593-602